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So do you want to be part of an org chart, or a an ant hill?

Robert Scoble compares Google to ant hill.

I thought about using a metaphor of a battle ship, like what worked with Gates, but, see, Google is more like an ant farm.

Google is more like an ant hill. One powered by 20% time which is how the ants find out where the food is. Heck, enough of Google’s ants have left to join Facebook, Twitter, and friendfeed, that it should be clear by now there’s some new tasty food bits that they aren’t yet munching on. Heck, friendfeed should be a major embarrassment to Google since that 14-person team has at least five Google superstars on it (the guy who came up with the idea for Google not to be evil started the company. That’s Paul Buchheit and he also ran the Gmail team. Also on the friendfeed team is the guy who ran the Google Talk team, the guy who ran Google Maps team, the designer for a whole bunch of Googley products, and the guy who ran the backend team on Gmail). Over at Facebook and Twitter I keep running into people who used to work at Google too.

And now Google’s own founders are admitting that they need to get into real time.

The ants are moving!

Interesting metaphor.  Causes one to ponder what it takes to manage an ant hill… Or, do is the proper term “steer”?  Is “managing” an antiquated concept in a knowledge economy?

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What did we learn in security school today? Sharing!

Imagine, sharing information to overcome a threat.  Post story notes increased cooperation between  military, private sectors.

“We shared with them the fact that we’ve got a very, very aggressive cyber threat,” said Robert Lentz, a Pentagon official who heads the partnership. The Pentagon soon will seek to amend defense acquisition rules to require cybersecurity standards for firms seeking contracts. “The sooner we all understand what’s required to protect the information in our networks, and we teach this in universities and in businesses, the better off we all will be, down to the Internet user at home,” Robert Lentz said. (a Pentagon official who heads the partnership)

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