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Cyber Sec – Collaborative approach with some tought love

At least, that is the summary of this article from the BBC:

  • “We have seen some good initiatives from industry on improving the trustworthiness of software. What I am hoping to see from government with this new post is more involvement in standards and education efforts in security.” Benjamin Jun, Cryptology Research
  • “We need to have a new security paradigm in the future,We need to have a clear idea of what our society should be at the end of the decade so this problem is addressed adequately. We must use this crisis to make the right changes.”  Mark Cohn, VP Enterprise Security, Unisys
  • “The first order of business has to be to draw attention to the subject and then start working with all the agencies and organisations throughout industry and government. You have to be able to kick all these different groups in the seat of the pants to get them moving in the same direction.” Ken Silva, CTO – Verisign
  • “A key component will be co-operation and collaboration. There has been an ad hoc approach to this in law enforcement with perpetrators of a digital breach in one country while the act has happened in another.” Liesyl Franz  — Tech America

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