About that bridge you want to sell

An editorial viewpoint in this week’s Business Chronicle urges Georgia to build a pipeline from the LNG facility off Savannah for the following reasons:

  • Bring more liquid natural gas to Georgia. We need to take advantage of the Elba Island terminal off the coast of Savannah, one of only four in the nation. More natural gas may bring downward pressure on prices and provide a second source of natural gas should future hurricanes knock out supply from the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Simplify regulation at the state level to encourage energy and utility companies to expand and develop new energy sources. Officials have to recognize that companies are unlikely to invest capital in new energy sources or infrastructure unless there is some assurance of cost recovery.
  • Encourage the U.S. Senate to adopt legislation that Congress approved in June to open up the outer continental shelf for exploration and drilling of natural gas. The Interior Department estimates there could be as much as 333 trillion cubic feet of gas available off American shores. If we don’t get the natural gas readily available off our own coast, other countries such as China and Cuba are poised to start drilling for it.
  • The author, John W. Somerhalder, CEO of AGL — they are the other gas company on your bill that makes money on, yes, the price of gas…

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