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Friedman, markets, education

Dr. Milton Friedman addressed ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) last month.  CSPAN saw fit to air his remarks which I saw on cable yesterday.

Dr. Friedman mentioned how important it was for citizens in a democracy to possess a basic functional literacy about how their government worked, the principles upon which the government was founded, and how to gather information necessary to make sound decisions for themselves.

So, does it not then follow that government should make access to information a priority?

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Making sausage requires intimate knowledge of the pig, doesn’t it?

LA Times article highlights how uninformed Congress is when addressing key technology issues this year.  The following is a candidate for the “Understatement” of the Year award:

“To our industry and our customers, very important issues are being decided today in Congress,” said Paul Misener, Amazon’s vice president of global public policy. “Much of the concern is decisions might be made without a complete understanding of the facts.”

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Another case of criminal activity

Seems BP ignored maintenance issues on the Alaskan pipeline for 7 years.  Didn’t matter that record profits were swelling the ole bank accounts.

Read this article — if you as an individual had committeed these “sins”, how long could you elude jail?

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