Common Un-sense

Why is it our government feels the need to monitor our communications to protect us from the terrorists being financed by the gasoline we buy – for which our government feels no need to create alternatives?


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2 responses to “Common Un-sense

  1. chris broe

    Why is it that you logically connected the terrorists to the gasoline we buy under the premise that our government hasn’t created alternative energy? While I doubt that actually qualifies as circular logic, it proves that our SAT tests are totally unfair to minorities, immigrants, and the educationally disenfranchized voters who cant quite find an open poll before 7pm. In Atlanta Georgia, they make it exceeding difficult for black and hispanic voters to actually get to the polls physically. Every obstacle, from closing at 7pm, to chosing the only poll locations that are not public transporation accessible, to the sparce distribution of polls, not to mention the homeless guys trying to scalp hanging chads. When I voted in ’04, the poll worker fumbled with electronic key slots through which he succeded in passing my voting card’s magnet thingie. He took several tries till he was satisfied that my obvious liberal demeanor would be canceled out by his polarizing peter principles. Now I’m mad. Thanks.

  2. First, I didn’t connect the terrorists to gasoline that we buy, the producing nations did, a fact documented in numerous books and reports since 9/11.

    Second, I was expressing my frustration at the lack of initiatives in energy policy – given the fact that energy plays such a key role in our international policy decision making schema.

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