Don’t know which way they are going?

I used to get a free lunch by doing old comedy radio routines with a couple of high school friends of mine.  One skit came from Burns and Allen.  George was listening to gracie read a letter from her sister in law explaining how her brother was hit by a truck.  Getting straight to the punch line, Gracie explained how it wasn't the driver's fault he hit her brother.  It seems her brother had two pairs of pants on and the driver didn't know which way he was heading.

Well, that anecdote was a not so short transition to the story found in California where AT&T and Verizon are lobbying for the state government there to regulate video and TV delivery instead of the customary local government franchising arrangement the cable industry has been suffering under. 

Now, contrast that position with the one taken by AT&T and Verizon in Georgia supporting the passage of SB 120 where they argued that the state should not regulate broadband services — which include video delivery.

Course, I predict the other shoe drops here next year when a modified California bill arrives here for the next session of the General Assembly.  And, the proliferation of cities in Fulton county that might want to regulate delivery of video signals will surely be brought up (funny how all these seemingly separate issues wind up working together.)

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