Sunrises and busy days

The sun was really pretty coming up this am… sigh, it is off to the office, crawl “under the dome”, and hear some bills one might question their purpose.

Here’s the To Do for the day

  1. Finish Agenda for House Science and Technology Committee meeting discussion on Tech bills in other states
  2. Attend Senate Science and Technology Committee meeting and hear the following bills
  1. SB 241 – allows electronic signatures on real estate closing documents – will greatly streamline closing process and search process for filed real estate documents
  2. SB 425 – also known as the “UnSpam” bill – this bill creates a “do not e-mail” list to “protect children from internet predators.”  Dana Blankenhorn has written on this one and so has the WSJ (at least an expose on the company).
  3. SB 394 -an ‘anti-phishing’ bill making it a computer crime to pretend to be a business
  4. SB 395 – A bill restricting cell service providers from “locking you in” to a contract that prevents them from making you sign up for a longer contract when you change plans or buy another phone
  5. SB 455 – aims to put brokers of cellphone numbers out of business
  •  Figure out sponsors for some agency legislation
  • Just gotta keep the head down and the memories of sunrise intact

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