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Cyber Threats – A known surprise

Evidently, according to a Defense Science Board study, the Pentagon needs to address institutional change to deal with the new threat environment.  Interesting categorization of surpises as “surprise” surprises and “known” surprisies.

According to this report:

Among the “known surprises” are threats in the cyber realm, space and nuclear regimes. The study’s authors conclude that the US has made a start in dealing with the cyber threat “but we still have a large, difficult and costly way to go.” To mitigate those risks the chairman of the Joint Chiefs must initiate a series of exercises to gauge “what and how deep our vulnerabilities are.” Also, the services and combatant commands must improve the ability of critical information systems to resist attack.

so, where are the thought leaders on weaponizing cyber capabilities?

Of interest as a research target for lowering cyber risk: OR Applications for ISR

Click to access 2009-01-Operations_Research.pdf

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