Morning Reads

Intel is not making delivery commitments for new supercomputer at Argonne.  Energy Department has 10 companies engaged in a research center focused on quantum computing.

Jesus pointed out that power corrupts – remember the temptations?  OpEd written by former Liberty student notes how power is taught to be valued at Liberty, as she acknowledges:

None of us are immune to the power of what our hearts have grown to love.

Interesting how the GOP feeds fear of urban mobs to motivate suburbanites to vote for Trump.  What happened to “God will take care of us”?

 No science for not testing adults exposed to coronavirus…Sir Topham Hat would admonish WH for new testing guidelines – “You are causing confusion and delay!”.  Medical experts agree – Cuomo calls it “political propaganda”.

Trump is silent, again, on Navalny’s poisoning and the soldiers injured by Russia in Syria.  Still waiting to hear about our ‘response’ to Russia’s bounty on US soldiers in Afghanistan.

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