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Open Access – Challenging Institutions

interesting essay — the opening

I want to talk to you about the concept of free, the concept of open learning, the concept of networked learning in a networked world and the concept of the institution.

An argument that current box model of education cannot scale to meet demand:

Diana Laurillard actually answers the question in the same talk, the same paper, in which she proposes. The dilemma, she writes, “By 2015 there will be 53 million out of school and UNESCO estimates that we need 1.6 million teachers to achieve universal primary education.”  (UNESCO, 2014) That’s primary education. That’s not secondary. That’s not tertiary, primary.  I did a quick off the cuff calculation. At $50,000 or 25,000 pounds we would need an additional 80 billion dollars in salary a year not counting buildings, equipment, resources, et cetera, roughly 40 billion pounds.

and a very interesting challenge:

Let’s turn the question around. What is the problem for which colleges and universities are the answer?


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Another “Read This” moment

Google Snippets

Quick project management


How to manage talented people by not bossing them around

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