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Why we use textbooks

From David Warlick’s blog on teaching and learning — a thought-provoking essay (wait, I am redundant), an essay discussing the utilities of a textbook.  Lots of ideas that may provoke many more essays, hopefully to learn why we use texts, how texts may transform, what we should do about texts whose cost exceed both present and future value….  But, nonetheless, lots of ideas…  like:

The job of the teacher would be to locate (or cause to be located) and attach content (both open-source and/or commercial), in any appropriate format, to that arrangement of scope and sequence-forming tags and constantly filter and refine that content based on changing conditions and newly available content?

What might this process look like as an integral part of teacher education?  Might the act of starting their own flexible digital textbooks be a part of learning to teach.  (Is “Flexbook” trademarked?  How about “flexibook?”)

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