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Elearning – The CFL of Ed Reform?

Lots of criticism is found about whether the data supports regulations phasing out incandescent light bulbs in favor of CFL’s.  Some conservative state legislators have offered resolutions attacking the claims.

Elearning is capturing the imaginations of many of the same legislatures as a means of controlling the costs of education – both k12 and postsecondary.  This NYT article notes the lack of evidence to support any claims that elearning is a replacement for traditional learning technologies.

 “there are no longitudinal, randomized trials linking eLearning to positive learning outcomes.”  Intel document

Yet, the corporations who own the Elearning technology companies are paying for legislators to hear about the wonders of e-learning.  Virtual charter schools are competing for tax dollars to replace the brick and mortar schools.  Why are we not asking — does this work?

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