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More for the reading pile… how data science intersects with research and the social sciences

how data science intersects with research and the social sciences

Discusses how technolog affects the social sciences and whether students are adequately trained in the application of these new tools

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Facebook and Privacy – concerns

Seems Facebook uses cookies to track where you go on the web, and report those journies back to FB.  This occurs EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN.

My sources are competent people in the business.  Dave Winer, whose inventions facilitated the rise of social media posted some thoughts yesterday.  He links to another who has tried, without success, to get Facebook to acknowledge what he decoded.

This is serious enough to consider abandoning facebook and placing FB on appropriate notice that such behavior is beyond normal expectations of privacy, or lack thereof, when using an online media tool.

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Mapping the knowledge universe : “Researchers need tools for searching and for navigating the scholarly landscape”

Interest in bibliometric research using eigenfactors….  an article requiring some time to digest…

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A Global company – US Tax breaks

A NYT article on how tax breaks benefit the electronic games industry is very informative.  Lots of topics for discussion (i.e. is the R&D credit responsible for R&D?) but, this quote indicates that Entertainment Arts, despite its location in the US, does not consider itself a US company:

Company officials say its overseas activities are not an attempt to avoid United States taxes and instead reflect how much of its business takes place in other countries. “E.A. is a global company with a majority of our customers and roughly 50 percent of our revenue generated outside of the United States,” Mr. Brown said.  “Naturally we hire, build facilities, copyright our trademarks, invest and pay taxes in countries outside of the U.S.”

How does a global company act as a national citizen?  Can there be patriotic, loyal, corporate citizens when the bottom line is essential to existence?  If the answer is no, then why extend to corporations the benefits of citizendship (e.g. speech)?  Why not treat corporations as international visitors working here — and check their papers on an annual basis?

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If Americans are generous, then GM is not American…

Ok — there are lots of thoughts here … but

18 Jul 2011 – The CEO of GM talks about how, through the generosity of the American people, GM is being transformed —

”We are in the midst of transforming an iconic American company so 20 and 30 years from now (taxpayers) will look at this company and they’ll say, ‘Absolutely it was the right thing to do,’ ” Akerson said. ”And it shouldn’t be measured on did it sell for $43 or $53 (a share) or did they lose a couple billion dollars?”

GM was saved, he said, because of the extreme generosity of Americans…

Now, that was in July.  This past week, the same Akerson spoke to 300 students at Notre Dame —

A student asked Akerson whether he would take a public stance in favor of President Barack Obama’s job-creation plan, saying it could be a chance for GM to do some good and give back some of its profits after receiving a $50 billion government bailout. Akerson said that is not his job, saying corporations exist to make a profit and enhance shareholder value.

“We are not a job bank,” Akerson said.


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