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Marx, Universities, Speech and US Prosperity

Given many public comments on the idea of hiring an administrator who wrote about Marx at KSU, I think this article from Salon raises good questions.  And it has a great quote for the President of Columbia University in 1948:

There will be no administrative suppression or distortion of any subject that merits a place in this University’s curricula. The facts of communism, for instance, shall be taught here — its ideological development, its political methods, its economic effects, its probable course in the future. The truth about communism is, today, an indispensable requirement if the true values of our democratic system are to be properly assessed. Ignorance of communism, fascism, or any other police-state philosophy is far more dangerous than ignorance of the most virulent disease.

Who among us can doubt the choice of future Americans, as between statism and freedom, if the truth concerning each be constantly held before their eyes? But if we, as adults, attempt to hide from the young the facts in this world struggle, not only will we be making a futile attempt to establish an intellectual “iron curtain,” but we will arouse the lively suspicion that statism possesses virtues whose persuasive effect we fear.

Found in Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors

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