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Hathaway gives away little in remarks to RSA

In her remarks, she made lots of references to Mission Impossible (e.g. this message will self destruct).  But the only real substance is contained here:

  • It is the fundamental responsibility of our government to address strategic vulnerabilities in cyberspace and to ensure that the United States and the world can realize the full potential
    of the information technology revolution.
  • no single agency has a broad enough perspective to match the sweep of the challenges
  • requires leading from the top — from the White House, to Departments and Agencies, State, local, tribal governments, the C-Suite, and to the local classroom and library
  • We need to explain the challenges and discuss what the Nation can do to solve problems in a way that the American people can appreciate the need for action
  • There is a unique opportunity for the United States to work with countries around the world to make the digital infrastructure a safe and secure place that drives prosperity and innovation for all nations
  • Government and industry leaders, both here and abroad, need to delineate roles and responsibilities, balance capabilities, and take ownership of the problem to develop holistic solutions
  • Building toward the architecture of the future requires research and development that focuses on game-changing technologies that could enhance the security, reliability, resilience and trustworthiness of our digital infrastructure.

and here:

  • Can we call for changes in widely shared norms?
  • Are we ready to talk openly about the challenges we face and how we share the
    responsibility for reversing the trend?
  • Can we create the conditions where innovation and security are mutually reinforcing and
    treat them as an integrated and synergistic whole?
  • Can government and the private sector, national and international parties, accelerate the
    changes we need?
  • And, if not us, then who?
  • If not now, then when?

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