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Stem Cell Policy – battles begin anew

President Obama is announcing his much anticipated change in stem cell policy.

The president’s action, which will carry out a campaign pledge, involves a long-controversial intersection of science and personal moral beliefs.  NYT

Monday’s announcement will not mean an immediate change in policy as the NIH will take several months to create the new regulations.  However, that does not mean that opponents will wait.

Georgia will be first to react as the state senate will take a bill (SB 169) pronounced “dead” for this session on March 5 to make it illegal to destroy any human embryo (no matter how created – with sperm and egg or via somatic nuclear cell transfer).

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Gas Taxes — which form to take?

Should we shift from taxes on gallons of fuel to miles driven (or is one a proxy for the other?)

Officials Seek Way to Fill a Gas Tax Gap
Published: March 8, 2009
Officials across the country are testing systems that could move Americans from paying a per-gallon tax at the pump to some form of fee based on road usage.

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