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Rebuilding the Internet

Current internet policy debate seems to focus on incremental evolution of the Internet — protocols, physical layer infrastructure, security, etc.  But, what if we started from scratch?  Can the ROI on incremental “improvements” beat the ROI (and all the multiples from the ripples of such investment through the economy) of a start from scratch venture?

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Evaluating Education Policy

Susan Lacettie Meyers makes some conclusive evaualations of the current education system.  And, she notably states:

After two decades of following public education as a journalist then a legislative policy advisor, I have witnessed no return on escalating taxpayer investment in public education. We’ve dropped from 41st to 49th in graduation rates since the Quality Basic Education Act was drafted in the mid 1980s, according to a new study by The Center for an Educated Georgia. We’re still at the bottom, 47th in SAT scores.

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