E-Health Records and GA

Seems Georgia is in line for federal healthcare dollars. $1.4 million will go to the Georgia Association of Primary Health Care to help regional health centers convert to systems facilitating electronic medical records (EMR). If you want to learn more about EMR, TAG has a meeting on Aug 30 to discuss the topic.

Georgia has struggled to embrace this topic. A group was formed to create an exchange association (RHIO) but ran into resistance from the state Department of Community Health which announced its own steering group to manage the effort.  Georgia’s struggle is ironic given that Georgia son Newt Gingrich has created a national center to champion EMR.  He even wrote a book on the topic (imagine that).  The opportunity for cost savings and improved quality of healthcare is so much more significant than tort reform, safe harbor from damage suits, and health savings accounts — why are we so slow to adopt?

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