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Y2K – Ver 2.0

Time, or the measurement thereof, has been an important tool for the military and governments for centuries.  Congress in its infinite wisdom has decided to change the date for daylight savings time switching to March 11 — 4 weeks earlier than usual (this was done in 2005 — so don’t blame the new majority for this one).  Now business, and individuals, will bear the cost.

Call this Y2k v 2.0

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Cost of Freedom

An editorial by the Augusta Chronicle is concerned about the costs to human freedom that may be incurred as a result of proposed abatement of global warming.

Why don’t they have the same concern when it comes to the proposed infringment on liberties created by our responses to terrorism?

If you were to calculate probabilities of being effected by either warming or terrorism — multiply that probability by the cost (or damage) incurred should such an event affect you — would there be any appreciable difference in the result?  Now, calculate the diminishing value of liberty as a result of the “solution” proposed for either event.  Which side of the balance sheet wins?

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