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Evolution: A 21st Century Fundamental

Gary Hamel, director at the Woodside Institute, pens a column in the WSJ about Google and its growth rate.  In his conclusion, he writes:

Google seems to have grasped the new century's most important business lesson: The capacity to evolve is the most important advantage of all.

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21st Century Fundamentals: Self-Education and Healthcare

For all the talk in the political sphere of taking personal responsibility in health care, precious little is being done to prepare people to learn about healthcare options.  However, such lack of discussion doesn't negate the argument that self-education on health issues works.

An obituary for Dr. Tom Ferguson, found in today's New York Times, discusses Dr. Ferguson's passion for helping individuals understand their health care needs and options.  His daughter credits Dr. Ferguson's willingness to "tweak" his doctor's directions, for managing his case of multiple myeloma, for extending his life.

"Being a doctor, he was ahead of the game," Ms. Dreiss said. "He kept with the traditional party line and did what doctors told him he should do but tweaked their advice in his own way. He read widely, worked out his own doses and was not afraid to experiment; when he heard about a clinical trial involving thalidomide, he called the drug company and told them he wanted to be in on it. He lived far longer than most people with this disease do."

Andy Grove, co-founder of Intel, documented his efforts to learn more about prostate cancer so that he could participate in managing his affliction.  This 1996 Fortune magazine story highlights his efforts and is a testimony to his success (Mr. Grove is a survivor).

Bottom line, Dr. Ferguson's thesis is correct.  So, how do we teach people to learn, to manage the information critical to their success – even survival?

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Note to self

Analytics will be a key to strategic management decisions this century.  No, analytics will be a key skill for this century.

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Healthy, Wealthy and Wise (accessing, understanding information)

A column in Always On points out how the trend in information needs for healthcare, career development, and life will support continuous education.

desotoLifelong learning will be a core fundamental to anybody in business in the future. Continuing education will be part of this, but learning new skills and adapting to a global marketplace in a knowledge-based economy will be critical to survive and thrive.

Michael Moe also says services to provide information and learning will help people feel young.  Could it be this is the Fountain of Youth for which de Soto searched?

Then comes Google offering a finance section to their search services… Now who will launch an education section?google finance A Legislative Section?  Imagine making tracking legislative changes as easy as watching stocks! 

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