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Day 40 – Day of Reckoning (or as they say in South Ga – recknin)

The Constitution of the State of Georgia says:

The General Assembly shall meet in regular session on the second Monday in January of each year, or otherwise as provided by law, and may continue in session for a period of no longer than 40 days in the aggregate each year.

This hold over from the days when most legislators were farmers is held out as the lone hope of those who fear what actions this body of representatives may take.  Well, today is it, #40 — you can't go past midnight, cannot go past go, you must stop.

But, in Days 40 of past years, lots does happen.  Stay tuned.

For a warm up, here are some MSP (Main Stream Press) items on Day 40

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Down the rabbit hole

The White Rabbit, one of my favorite characters from Alice in Wonderland, cautioned Alice on not believing what she saw – "Things are not always as they seem," says the Rabbit.

Well, word in the hall Under the Dome is that the "battle", as described by Brandon Larrabee of Morris News, was all a ruse, contrived to evoke memories of "Miller vs. Murphy" thus institutionalizing the new GOP powerhouse in the memories of voters.

Associate Press, AJC, Morris – they all fell for it.  Everyone in the press bought the ruse, accept for Dick Pettys of Insider Advantage. Can't point you to the article though — it is subscription only.

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SB 425 – Questions being asked

A heated exchange took place between the lobbyist for Unspam and the chair of the subcommittee hearing SB 425.  The conversation can be summed up by stating that the lobbyist accused the chair of being beholden to big business and the pornography industry.

The lobbyist is a member of the Christian Coalition.  SB 425 is a bill being promoted in multiple states across the country.  If you are against the bill, you are for pornographers.  Funny thing, if you limit the bill to controlling access to pornography, which is what the subcommittee chair was attempting to do, then the supporters don't want the bill.  Could it be that the business supporting SB 425 is more interested in increasing profits than protecting children?  That question was precisely the charge the subcommittee chair returned to the lobbyist.

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