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Rogers attempts to clarify the record

Senator Rogers will start today.

Rogers: Issue of healthcare has been raised. Just met with Janice … and Linda Lowe – whose concerns that the bill ( does not deny healthcare – only verifies id per federal law). Rogers has agreed to add amendment that it is the duty of state government to protect public health.

I am struck by testimony and news media reports about continuous reports that this bill denies health care. It does not. It merely requires providers to follow federal law. Rogers reminds of time when state required submission of birth certificates to receive benefits for child’s health – and no one complained.

SB 529 simply sets forth eligibility verification and how it will be maintained.

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Immigration – Continued

Today is another “hearing” only day for SB 529. A vote will be taken in tomorrows committee meeting at 3:30 pm. Only one set of TV cameras (WSB) has appeared. and we have a small security contingent of state patrol officers in the back. At least the meeting room is larger than the one used last week.

Chairman Kemp has announced that this meeting will end at 4. He will manage the time and is asking for new information only.

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Must check News2web


am in a hurry to prepare for meeting

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